About Us

Hey, we are Kenneth & Alexander, Creators of the popular YouTube channels; PowerThoughts Meditation Club and Zen Life Relax, used by millions of people all over the world. We started PowerThoughts Clothing because we believe that words and symbols have a positive and empowering effect on our overall wellbeing.

Few people are aware of the constant effect words have in our daily lives. They have an energy to them. You´ve probably experienced this yourself. How words can both uplift you and drag you down. So we thought, “why not create clothes and merchandise with the same positive affirmations and statements that we use in our videos so that people can wear them and see them as well? Not only affecting the one who wears the clothes, but also affecting everyone around them in a positive way.

So here we are on this new path of our life purpose: to make our world a more Peaceful, Loving and Joyful place for All Life.

With Loving Kindness,
Kenneth & Alexander - PowerThoughts Clothing